To engage prospects, satisfy your lead-generation and lead-nurturing objectives, and meet deadlines, you need more than a writer. Here’s what you get when you work with Stephanie:

An extension of your marketing or product marketing department.

Based on her former marketing communications, competitive intelligence, and product marketing roles, Stephanie has first-hand experience bridging the gap between engineering, sales, and marketing. Whether you call upon her to help kick-start a campaign or to ensure you successfully produce a much-needed sales tool, you can consider her a seamless extension of your team.

Crisp, compelling copy.

Many freelancers produce lackluster copy that does little to help you engage prospects and customers. As a seasoned marketing professional, Stephanie produces hard-hitting copy that translates into effective sales tools. That’s why 100% of Stephanie’s clients have used her services multiple times.

Someone who hits the ground running.

Stephanie’s experience writing about a range of technologies – along with finely honed project management skills – enables her to rapidly get up to speed on your offerings, positioning, and objectives.

A writer who understands B2B buyers and the buying cycle.

Because Stephanie understands the buying cycle, she knows how prospects engage with and consume content. Based on this knowledge, she can make recommendations to help you optimize the effectiveness of your tools at each stage.

Best practices for production and promotion.

Stephanie keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest recommendations for developing and promoting content assets. As a result, you get maximum value from your sales tools — and connect better with prospects and customers. 

The ability to meet your deadlines.

With extensive experience managing multiple projects for demanding clients, Stephanie has developed proven processes to ensure projects go smoothly and stay on track. In addition, she produces high-quality first drafts that typically require little revision, resulting in a project time frame that meets your requirements – and exceeds your expectations.