Producing quality content assets requires a significant time investment. Consider that the majority of marketers say the longest they can work on a task without being interrupted is 30 minutes on average.(1) Or that it takes most in-house writers 6-12 weeks to produce a case study, white paper, or other asset!(2)

And look at the time that The Bloom Group has found it takes to develop solid thought leadership content (3):

Time needed to develop thought leadership content

Can you — or your executives, engineers or product marketing managers — afford to put aside other responsibilities to produce the content needed to engage prospects throughout the buying cycle?


As an experienced marketer and writer, Stephanie can produce content assets in significantly less time than your in-house staff, all while clearing your plate of:

  • Researching relevant trends and industry stats
  • Conducting multiple interviews with subject matter experts
  • Writing the outline and first draft
  • Soliciting feedback from reviewers
  • Incorporating feedback
  • Coordinating with a designer for layout

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, pass off your content marketing project to Stephanie. You’ll be freed up to do what you do best, and your project will be in the hands of an experienced professional with the know-how to produce a high-quality and engaging asset.


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(2)2011 State of B2B Content Marketing Survey Results
(3)How to Get Your Experts to Make Time for Thought Leadership