Case Studies that Advance the Buying Cycle

Stephanie Tilton has produced hundreds of case studies for organizations that range from start-ups to established companies in the high-tech industry, including Akamai Technologies, EverString, HealthcareSource, Imprivata, OrderMotion, and SAP. The following is just a sampling of the case studies Stephanie has crafted to help her clients demonstrate the value of their offerings.

Boston Scientific case study (Akamai customer)
This case study explains how Boston Scientific drove 100% adoption of its remotely accessed business intelligence software after deploying Akamai’s solutions.

Zenefits case study (EverString customer)
This interactive case study tapped predictive marketing to grow pipeline and boost conversion rates up to 30%.

Presbyterian SeniorCare (HealthcareSource customer)
Read how HealthcareSource enabled Presbyterian SeniorCare to significantly improve the recruiting process, efficiently manage job applications, and position itself as a cutting-edge employer.

Juniper Networks
This 3-page case study written for RainToday explains how Juniper Networks launched a customer advocacy program that ended up earning the 2009 B2B Marketing Award for Best Use of Email.

Justice Federal Credit Union
A 2-page case study that shows how Imprivata helped Justice Federal Credit Union eliminate the need to remember passwords; provide users with seamless access to web, client/server and legacy applications through a single authentication logon; and reduce password-related reset calls by 95%.

Reliance Globalcom
A 2-page case study that highlights how this global communication services provider is able to quickly and easily interconnect with top carriers by participating in the Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange.

Trade Union International
This 4-page success story shows how a multi-division company enhanced its operations with SAP Business One.

ING (IQN customer)
This 5-page case study explains how IQN enabled this multinational financial services firm to hire better contingent talent faster, reduce risk, and position itself for continued growth.