A Proven Process for Success

As a content marketing expert, Stephanie has developed proven processes that ensure projects go smoothly and stay on track. As a result, you get a powerful marketing tool that resonates with prospects — and are free to focus on other strategic initiatives.


1. Plan. When content assets are developed without enough forethought, you end up with a piece that doesn’t appeal to prospects — and provides little value to the sales team. Stephanie provides a planning guide that leads you through key considerations, including objectives, ideal reader, and key themes.

2. Consult. Together you and Stephanie will review the planning guide and determine next steps. During this call, she’ll recommend how to develop the most effective asset possible. 

3. Research. Once Stephanie has reviewed all background materials, she’ll conduct independent research to analyze relevant information and identify third-party reports and statistics that can bolster your asset’s positioning.

4. Interview. Next she’ll interview the subject matter experts, whether in-house personnel (e.g., executives, engineers, or others) or third parties such as analysts, channel partners, or customers. Stephanie’s finely honed interviewing skills enable her to tailor questions, guide discussions, and draw out unique angles. At the same time, careful preparation ensures she collects all necessary information with minimal demands on the interviewees.

5. Outline. Armed with the knowledge she’s gathered, Stephanie will develop a comprehensive outline. This ensures that you and Stephanie are in alignment about the direction and key points to be covered. It also offers you an opportunity to get up-front agreement from key stakeholders before the first draft is developed.

6. Write. Working from the approved outline, Stephanie will craft a compelling, engaging content asset sure to resonate with your target audience. The end result is a high-quality first draft that typically requires little revision.

7. Publish. Once you are satisfied with the piece, Stephanie can deliver it in her own template, or submit it to your in-house designer for layout. She is happy to offer advice on design considerations so you can deliver an appealing piece.

8. Promote. To ensure the success of your new sales tool, Stephanie can advise you on ways to distribute your content for maximum visibility. Whether your objective is to educate, demonstrate thought leadership, or generate leads, she can suggest proven techniques that help you achieve your goals.

As an experienced writer and project manager, Stephanie has developed this process to accelerate content asset development. The result? you get a high-quality piece in time to support your latest product launch or lead-generation campaign.