Crafting Content that Fuels, Feeds & Fosters Connections

Helping B2B Companies Move Prospects Down the Path to Purchase

Do you struggle to:

  • Engage prospects throughout the buying cycle?
  • Map content to the buying process?
  • Ensure prospects consume — and share — your content?

Your prospects and customers aren’t just seeking to buy a product or service. They want information and ideas that help them overcome their challenges and achieve their aspirations.

In a survey of over 1,500 executives, 75% of respondents said they were more selective about their content consumption and 82% said the main reason was the volume of content.[1] That means you need to work hard to earn and keep their attention. And you do that with quality content. 

I can help you develop content that inspires and motivates prospects and customers to take action — and advances the buying cycle in the process.

Outsource your content-development projects — including blog posts, emails, white papers, eBooks, articles, and case studies — to Stephanie for:

  • A seamless extension of your in-house team
  • Hard-hitting copy that translates into effective sales tools
  • Finely honed interviewing skills that draw out unique angles
  • Best practices for planning, production, and promotion
  • Proven processes that accelerate content asset development

Contact Ten Ton Marketing today to find out how Stephanie can help you advance the buying cycle, and meet – and exceed – your sales and marketing goals.

[1] The Economist Group, Thought leadership disrupted