Whether you need a strategic white paper, ebook, case study, or success story, Ten Ton Marketing can help you accelerate the buying cycle and compel your audience to buy. Find out how Stephanie can help you create the resources that prospects turn to during the purchase process and:

Did you know…IDG Enterprise found that in their quest for self-education, IT decision makers download an average of seven informational assets related to the solution they are researching. Moreover, 79% of tech decision-makers say if they can’t find vendor content during the research process, they get a negative impression of the company. That means you need to develop enough content to keep prospective buyers engaged until they are ready to decide. No wonder that among those tech marketers who say their organizations’ content marketing is more successful than a year ago, the top contributing factor was higher quality/more efficient content creation.


ITDMs download 7 assets on average

“The best content marketers need strong writing skills, because the foundation of content marketing is writing (no matter what form that content ultimately takes).”

– Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs