Stephanie has written high-impact 

          marketing copy for many

          leading companies, including:


Developing Content that Fuels, Feeds & Fosters Connections

Helping B2B Companies Move Prospects Down the Path to Purchase

Do you struggle to:

Engage prospects throughout the buying cycle?
Map content to the buying process?
Ensure prospects consume -- and share -- your content?


Your prospects and customers aren't just seeking to buy a product or service. They want information and ideas that help them overcome their challenges and achieve their aspirations. I can help you develop content that inspires and motivates prospects and customers to take action -- and advances the buying cycle in the process.


Outsource your content-development projects -- including white papers, eBooks, articles, and case studies -- to Stephanie for:

A seamless extension of your in-house team

Hard-hitting copy that translates into effective sales tools

Finely honed interviewing skills that draw out unique angles

Best practices for planning, production, and promotion

Proven processes that accelerate content asset development


Contact Ten Ton Marketing today to find out how Stephanie can help you advance the buying cycle, and meet – and exceed – your sales and marketing goals.




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